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Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom [EP]

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Two years have past since the magnus opus entitled „Promulgation of the Fall“ was spread around the globus provoking some serious neckproblems and nightmares in the metalcommunity. Dead Congregation used this time to tour and write some new dark and evil tunes which was given the name of „Sombre Doom“ and which I am holding now in my hands after watching their terrifying performance on their tour supporting the afformentioned EP. Yes, It`s and EP, two songs of PURE DEATH METAL, sometimes doomy, sometimes brutal fast and straight out of hell taking the listener by storm and leaving just dust and ashes. Sadly we are only talking about 2 songs(you can`t get enough from this band), but the quality is so high, I still prefer a short but great EP than a boring LP. „Sombre Doom“ continues the path of it`s predecessors, this time with an even «clearer» production, every instrument is better distinguishable than before, without loosing anything organic. With „Sombre Doom“(cool title) Dead Congregation reconfirm themself to be one of the best death metal bands on the planet. A vinyl version should be out soon, so grab this one in the format you like and sink deep into the malestorm of sombre doom. (DPF)