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Darkreverie – Black Arts [Demo]

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Darkreverie is a one man band from Switzerland that plays a kind of a Death Black Metal with Thrashy vocals. I am not fan of this type of vocals and combinations of downtuned guitars with harsh distortion and Black metal drumming but sometimes it can be interesting to combine all these stuff. This EP “Black Arts” was released on internet via Bandcamp only. It seems that the old-school vibe is only reflected in the music and image because many bands nowdays that are “old-school” style don’t release any physical formats anymore which totally sucks. Not even a Cd-r what the hell. Anyway, the 2 songs plus intro and outro makes it 10 minutes in this Demo Ep. The songs are kind of simple, not skilled song writing, drumming or vocals. However it shows a good feeling and the need to express this eternal worship for the underground and raw sound. Let’s hope that Darkreverie keeps writing music in the near future on not just leave it in this demo. If you are into Blackish Death Metal such as Blasphemy, Bestial Warlust and similar bands give it a try, you will enjoy it. (Jön)