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Cryptic Shift / Replicant / Inoculation / Astral Tomb – Chasm of Aeons [Split]

cryptic shift / replicant / inoculation / astral tomb – chasm of aeons [split]

More albums should invest in featuring works from prominent 60s-70s era scifi/horror pulp artwork; artists like Karel Thole, Bernie Wrightson, or Esteban Maroto. Bruce Pennington’s work featured on the cover for 2020 split “Chasm of Aeons” illustrates unearthing these cosmic gems.

Four projects among three different metal scenes in US and UK. Contrary approaches with song composition, yet correlate celestial, spacey, death metal finesse with influences apparent from Nocturnus, Cynic, Voivod, and Timeghoul.

Starting with Cryptic Shift’s “Cosmic Dreams”, these guys are half breed of technical Thrash with cosmic Nocturnus angled Death Metal. Vocally, cadence comes off more slam which may or may not turn you off, but those unworldly, meticulous riffs intertwined with hints of Cacophony styled solo sweeps you to another realm of thought. Getting into a deconstructed styled tune from New Jersey’s Replicant “Unbeing” is a slower tempo thats down tuned and more of a darker tone compared to previous tune, harsher vocal range, and breakdown down point by 3:30 to carry the outro. Always loved bands from the area, they know how to experiment and exceptional writing dissonant arrangements.

Cleveland based Inoculation “Xerthaneus” is derived from the “frequency signature” who overlooks a pyramid located in Antarctica that is a portal to other planetary grid systems. Denver’s Astral Tomb “Transcendence From The Mortal Plane Guided by A Similar Phantasm” aside from the longest title with an eerie intro and most raw production out of the four. Wish they could have toned down a bit on the recording for drums, it drowns a bit over the vocals but overall heavy hitting to close this out.

Exceptional 2020 split right here. (Tori Belle)