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Cryptic Dissolution – Morbific Reminiscences In Physical Forms

cryptic dissolution – morbific reminiscences in physical forms


From Moscow, Russia comes this new trio playing Old School and Grinding Death Metal. Their first full-length album (although just clocking over 20 minutes), ‘Morbific Reminiscences In Physical Forms’ will be released by Dismal Fate Records, the Italian purveyors of the ultimate death.

In my reviews, I have often expressed my preference for an old-fashioned approach to Death Metal. As soon as Death Metal is more like a maths class or is played by conservatoire students, I not seldomly drop out. The same happens even more when a band tries so overly hard to sound as ‘cavernous’ as possible. In my eyes (or ears, better) that is NOT heavy. When a band uses minimal means to pound the plaster off the walls and blast the wrinkles out of your scrotum (in case you have one, of course), then I’m sold. And that is exactly what Cryptic Dissolution serves up to you: nothing complicated and overly thought-out compositions or impenetrable walls of blubber. This is a heavy slab of Death Metal with buzz-saw guitar sound, although not necessarily very Swedish, swinging rhythms and ultra-deep vocals. But with memorable riffs and catchy hooks. This is perfect for fans of bands like Coffins, Rottrevore, Undergang, Rippikoulu, Krypts and Stench Of Decay. Not too long ago, Dismal Fate Records also brought me to a deathly ecstasy with the Canadians of Scorching Tomb, they now do the same with this Russian rock ’em sock ’em Death Metal. Simply superb!