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Crematory Stench – Crematory Stench [EP]

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When you see the layout of the logo, the name of the band, cover and the fact that it’s released on tape and 7” besides CD, it will be quite clear to you; these guys from California play Death Metal the Old School way. And may I add that they play it in a rotten way as well! You will hear all kind of references within these 4 tracks. For example a short moment during “Desolate Graves” you will hear a Pestilence “Testimony of the Ancient” moment. The track “Lost Souls” to be more precise. But before you think you get a “Testimony…” II, it’s mostly early Death and Sadistic Intent with raw Martin van Drunen vocals. Crematory Stench, a new fragrance by F.D.A. Rekotz, pour homme et femme! (Ricardo)