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Cremate – Ripped To Death [Demo]

cremate – ripped to death [demo]

“Obscure Death Metal slaughter from the grave!” Well…if the bands themselves are going to describe their own music perfectly, I’m not needed anymore. Next! Nah, you have to check this one out if you are into some end 1980s Death Metal…Cremate from France just begun in 2017 and is just a fine league of gentlemen. I mean, if your names are Dismembered Dave, C.Tormentör, Nekrosfera and Balam Capra you just know you aren’t dealing with a delegation of the Florida Florists Partnership called “We’re Smelly”. No of course not…I just told you they are from France.

I already mentioned to check them out, especially if you are an adept of Sepultura’s “Morbid Visions” and “Bestial Devestation” and Nihilist. Our French friends themselves are summing up Death, Asphyx and Celtic Frost as influences as well, and although they aren’t blabbing out of their asses with naming those, the Sepultura and Nihilist link are the most accurate one. The rawness, the sound, the mid tempo riffs at some parts as well as the fine chaos when they are speeding up….these guys play their own “Show me the Wrath”, “Necromancer” and “Antichrist” versions. Not strange at all they have covered “Funeral Rites” on this demo, and believe me…a job very fuckin’ well done! A top notch demo from the graves! (Ricardo)