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Corrosive Carcass – Forsaken Lands

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The “Sunlight Studios sound”, created by Leffe Cuzner of Nihilist and the signature “buzzsaw” sound used and made famous by bands like Dismember and Entombed, made its comeback a few years ago, with bands like Entrails, Bloodbath and others, recuperating the Swedish feeling and making a lot of old-school die-hard fans happy! Among those bands, Corrosive Carcass quickly stood out of the crowd and their 2012 full length debut (“Composition of Flesh”) impressed everyone, not because they used and abused the HM-2 pedals, but because they did that and added their own style to the mix, unleashing a new monster into the death metal world. Three years later, they did it again, slapping us all in the face with yet another soon-to-be old-school Swedish death metal classic, “Forsaken Lands”, with ten songs where the common denominator is the high quality and excellent songwriting skills of this five-piece from Storvik, Sweden. The record was released by Spanish label Xtreem Music and it’s definitely worth to be checked out by any fan of Dismember, early-Entombed and similar bands. (Antonio)