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Corrosive Carcass – Composition of Flesh

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The motto of the CC guys: “Grab your chainsaw…Slaughter is ahead”. Well mothers around the globe, aren’t these guys boyfriend material for your daughters? Don’t be scared if you receive a blood drenched package with a severed head after a couple of days…”Ah…they seem nice, don’t they? And they play in a band, Richard…isn’t that lovely?” were the words that you can think off after opening the package and you stared into little Lisa’s eyes…and now you understand the, at first innocent, remark “Me? I’m a Butcher, Ma’am. To be honest I’m chopping all day long”…Enough using a script of a Horror flick, let’s talk Death Metal! Like Decomposed (try finding them in the “D”-area in the Reviews section) Corrosive Carcass are having their fair share of Autopsy in their Old School SweDeath Metal on their debut. Not only in riffs and the song structures in general, but also the sound is like a combination of SweDeath and the old USA scene than most of the releases lately. There is a reverb on the vocals and it is less fuzzy, yet it’s still filthy as hell. Fifty percent of the songs are more midtempo with nice Dismember like leads like the closing track “End of us All”. Others are more fast grinding and let’s say more American as the duration is aproxx. 2 minutes. So let’s throw the some usual suspects like Nihilist, Dismember and Entombed along with Autopsy and old Death and you have these fine gentleman. Father…Mother, lock up your daughters, Slaughter is ahead! (Ricardo)