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Corpus Christii – Rising

corpus christii – rising

O – Be joyful in the lord! Deathspell Omega preached the dark essence already some years ago and amongst others like Watain, Glorior Belli, Antaeus and Secrets of the Moon also Corpus Christii from Portugal prove themselves worthy a place on the first row in church. The last years have catapulted the reputation of the bands I just listed – And with big reason, because nowadays real black metal doesn’t come from Norway anymore.

Standards have changed and Corpus Christii’s long time devotion finally seems to pay off. “Rising” is band dictator N.H.’s sixth full album, the third and final part of the “Torment” trilogy. Since the use of real drums, Corpus Christii improved more and more and without any doubt “Rising” is the band’s crčme de la crčme. First prayer “Stabbed” pretty sums up all elements a decent black metal song needs. Corpus Christii performance ranges from slower parts in (“Heavenless Bliss”) to very fast neck busters like “Bleak Existence” and from a sinister Watain alike “The Wanderer” to an emotional “Revealed Wounds”. Even the hysterical outro freaks me out!

The total atmosphere on “Rising” makes this one a great album. Just like the bands mentioned in the first lines, Corpus Christii manage to deliver us that special dark touch. The most significant trademark is N.H.’s deploring and agonizing vocals, recognizable out of a thousand. The sound of the thirteen anti-religious gospels is outstanding, leaving a too clean produced “Sworn to the Dark” (from Watain) far behind. This is how black metal should sound and together with Glorior Belli’s “Manifesting the Raging Beast” it’s the black metal highlight of the year. Praise “Rising” – Praise its pure deliverance to the Lord! (FilipD)