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Cornigr – Shroud of Satan / Death Trimorph [EP]

cornigr – shroud of satan / death trimorph [ep]

Maybe you have the “Relics of Inner War” in your possession, the first and only full-length of Cornigr? If so, you will hear some difference with these 2 songs compared with the versions which can be heard on the debut. Although Vainaya, known for his work as drummer within the ranks of Horna, as bassist of Sargeist and more recently Adaestuo, put this project to rest, Terratur Possessions released a more raw and savage version of “Shroud of Satan” and “Death Trimorph” and was planned to be released as an EP before the debut album.

The high scream at the beginning of “Shroud of Satan” captures the whole essence of these two songs as the Black Metal is both suffocating as well as hateful. This high scream you will not hear on the version of the debut album. Not stunning, yet it is well played dark Black Metal the Finnish way. The last exploit of Vainaya and Cornigr… The end is now complete. (Ricardo)