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Convulse – Evil Prevails

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The “real” comeback of Finnish Old School Death Metal veterans and creator of underground cult album “World Without God”: Convulse. I wasn’t really convinced by the “Inner Evil” EP which was released in the beginning of 2013, and I wasn’t the only one. I did hope Convulse would be back with a vengeance and set me straight on their reunion plans. Well, here it is…”Evil Prevails”. Straightforward, groovy Old School Death Metal with a Doom vibe and having the 1990s as mindset. Probably one of the reasons Convulse have chosen for an analog studio to record this album. No doubt you will bang your fist as well as your head when the tracks passes by, but you won’t hear something new, refreshing or stunning but nothing disappointing either. The thing which makes “Evil Prevails” interesting for me are the leads within a couple of songs, like on “World Downfall” (at the end) and “God is Disillusion” (the back-to-back and twin solos, as described in the “Inner Evil” EP review in Issue # 1), acoustic parts and the surprising fast Black Metal riff during “Days are Darker” between two doom riffs. It gives a nice twist and especially the Black Metal riff was unexpected. Convulse will not be the next big thing concerning beyond successful comebacks, still the bar easily reaches the “decent and solid”-level. (Ricardo)