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Coffins – Craving to Eternal Slumber [EP]

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I’m writing this review still under the impression of Hellfest which I watched broadcasted via internet. The japanese doom/death metal machine known as Coffins played on the second day and they delivered a brutal show. For those of you who still don’t know this band,Coffins are four guys from Tokyo,Japan whose goal is to crush your ears with relentless doomy death metal. “Craving to Eternal Slumber” is the band’s latest offering in which you will discover six songs influenced by Asphyx,Autopsy and Celtic Frost.Coffins aren’t a new name because the group exists since 1996 but only Bungo Uchino (guitar/vocals) is left from the original line-up.His partners in crime are Takuya Koreeda (bass/vocals),Satoshi Hikida (drums) and Jun Tokita doing the vocals.Prepare yourself for heavy as a ton of bricks guitar riffs accompanied by a low guttural voice. Coffin’s music is dark and brutal.with equal parts of oldschool doom and death metal that reminds of their colleagues from Finland,Hooded Menace.”Stairway to Torment” is the fastest track in this EP with obvious influence from Celtic Frost while “Craving to Eternal Sleep” is the slowest and longest song.The other four tracks are mid-tempo headbangers capable of crushing your skull.The sound is on a very good level and the cover artwork is something worth seeing.So if you need first class oldschool doom/death metal look no further – Coffins are your right choice.Support this band and enjoy the sonic torment! (Zvetan)


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