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Coffin Texts – The Tomb of Infinite Ritual

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15 years ago, I’ve read the name “Coffin Texts” many times in the American fanzines as well as the more bigger zines like Sounds of Death. Many times they were linked with the many tribute albums released by Dwell Records (the adverts were flying all over the place in those zines), but also with their well received debut album “Gods of Creation, Death and Afterlife”. And here they are again with their second album, 12 years after their debut. The Morbid Angel lifeline is as obvious as meat on a BBQ, with the Nile parts as the Garlic sauce. A nice addition is the certain Carcass pre-Heartwork melodies and song structures. For example the track “Final Transformation” is filled with those! And when vocalist Robert Cardenas started his Jeff Walker impression I was sold. Good album! (Ricardo)