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Cliteater – Cliteaten back to Life

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The guys from Cliteater out of the Netherlands present their fifth studio album titled “Cliteaten Back to Life” – parody on the album title “Eaten Back to Life” from Cannibal Corpse. Each album name they’ve used in the past is a parody such as “Clit ‘em All” (Metallica), “Scream Bloody Clit” (Death) and “The Great Southern Clitkill” (Pantera), so again they used the same method which is kind of funny! What can you expect? Well, they haven’t really re-created their selves, so goregrind is still on their menu. Straight to the (T-) bone(-steak) death/gore/grind platter, a regurgitated voice with a decent smell from the gutter as it should be sometimes spiced up with a pigsqueal in its own juice (yeah I know, you’ve got to love it hehe) and a rancid sound added to it in a blistering drive garniture. Yes, if you like the cooking skills from Cliteater and you’re not an adept of the food etiquette, then grab this new dish with both hands and swallow like hell! As dessert you can re-enter the buffet and ruminate on tracks as “The Rimm King”, “O She’s Eleven”, “Slimming Party at Kelly’s and my favorite “Handy Handjob Hannah”. Insane! (Fredde)