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Cianide – Unhumanized [EP]

cianide – unhumanized [ep]

One of the most crushing bands on the planet are back with an extremely good EP named “Unhumanized”. 5 tracks, 25 minutes of putrid ball hitting Death Metal. The award for the fattest groove goes definitely to Cianide. If you like their previous works, got a certain love for Hellhammer and early Celtic Frost and think Coffins are fantastic, then you will need this.

Every song has excellent paces to bang you scull constantly and smash your head against the wall, punching your neighbours or fuck your…well forget that. Just saying, the band delivers again. The production is perfect for Cianide. You can distinguish them immediately. That guitartone, that basssound, those fat drums and the deep grunting monstrous vocals of Mike Perun, phenomenal! As old fashioned as they may seem, they know how to write songs, generate a certain dark and brutal vibe, sometimes punkish, with killer hooks. To me this is the right answer to all those Swedish Death  Metal clones, I still prefer this than the hundred Entombed and Grave wannabees.

Simple, crushing, pulverizing, memorable groove metal of death. If you didn’t know this band it’s fucking time to listen to them. It doesn’t get heavier than this. They deserve much more!! Congrats guys, keep the war-machine going, and tour Europe!! (DPF)