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Chemical Breath – Values

chemical breath – values

This long time passed Belgian/Dutch band is one of my all time favorites. When just being into extreme metal I was extremely honored to be present at the band’s weekly rehearsals in my town. During the early nineties Chemical Breath belonged amongst the top of Belgian and Dutch death metal bands. Chemical Breath’s technical death metal went even a step further on their second album, entitled “Values”. Still now they do sound original and still now the sound can conform to today’s standards. Yet this album has got a more raw production than on “Fatal Exposure”. Back then in 1994 Chemical Breath got a big smack in their face because band leader and superb guitarist Alain Chernouch changed his imposing grunt (as on “Fatal Exposure”) into a more Pantera alike scream. “Values” would have sound so much better with the man’s original grunt. You can run but you can’t hide! Chemical Breath and “Values” are obligatory for each self respecting BeNeLux death metal fan! A truly groundbreaking release! (FilipD)