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Chasing Death – Deathbringer [EP]

chasing death – deathbringer [ep]

Ein, Zwei, Drei, VierrrrAAAAARGGGHH!! I bet that will be the sign to start a moshpit by the crowd in Germany. Chasing Death is presenting their first ever release, so no demos to be found on their honors list, they immediately went for an EP released by Neckbreaker Records. Although the foundation of Chasing Death is definitely the Old School Swedish Death Metal scene, you will also hear some post Golden Era influences in their compositions. For example the sound of the guitars are without doubt Skoksberg oriented, but it is a tad cleaner. That really crunchy ugly roaring buzzsaw sound isn’t present. Let say they have bought some new buzzsaws. There are also more salvos of blastbeats during the songs. It is more Bloodbath “Resurrection Through Carnage” mixed with Torture Division and Cut Up than Dismember’s “Indecent & Obscene” to give you a reference. A Stockholm album with an USA twist sort of speak. Within the brutality there is room for the famous melodic hooks the Swedish OSDM is known for. Certainly an enjoyable EP and worth checking out if you like Swedish Old School Death Metal with an USA topping. (Ricardo)