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Chalice in Blood – Helig, Helig, Helig [EP]

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Not really the most productive bunch from Sweden, the anonymous noxious squad of Chalice in Blood. After a demo in 2005, they recorded a split with Arkha Sva in 2009. After 5 years of silence, they released 2 splits in 2014. Well, actually one. One of two splits is a 4-way split containing 2 7”-splits and released as a promo. The 2 7”-splits are also released separately; the one of Chalice of Blood is a split with Israthoum. Are you keeping track? The Black Metal presented on this 12” is in the Scandinavian way, a bit in the mid-1990s and late 1990s. The songs are different of each other; if you listen to “The Communicants” you hear a more atmospheric and epic approach, let’s say Immortal, with the repeating fast riffs while “Shemot” has a more Mayhem or Craft feeling. “Nightside Serpent” is closer to Marduk mixed with Watain than Mayhem or Craft. Not highly impressing, but a full-length filled with tracks like “The Comminicants” and “Nightside Serpent” could turn out in a decent debut album. (Ricardo)