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Chainbreaker – Lethal Desire

chainbreaker – lethal desire

This Canadian band has released their debut album in the beginning of 2019 and they play fast and loud Thrash/Speed metal. From A to Z they go on with their simple, yet neat song structures, repeatable choruses and a somewhat intense sound. Can you expect a challenge when listening to this release?

No, therefore this album is just one to listen to and easily go with the flow. Sit this one out, and headbang secretly on the adapting guitar tones. The drums on this one are quit good and the raspy vocals are also something special to hear, but overall seen nothing new under the sun. But hey, if you’re into Speed/Thrash metal with a loud production and fast instruments you will easily enjoy this one. One track really reminds me of Motörhead titled ‘Hellbound’ and as Lemmy should have said: open up the volume and drink along with these Canadians. (Fredde)