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Centinex – Redeeming Filth

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It’s not a secret that in the past few years,oldschool Swedish death metal is back on the map. Many new bands try to play like the old masters and some of the first-wave acts were summoned back to life. Such is the case with Sweden’s own Centinex whose main figure,the guitarist Martin Schulman decided to reform the band. For that purpose he used the services of October Tide’s vocalist Alexander Hogbom,Demonical’s vocalist Sverker Widgren who here is holding the guitar and Interment’s drummer Kennet Englund. “Redeeming Filth” explodes with the blasting power of “When Bodies are Deformed” – pure,fast and evil Swedish death metal. The next track “Moist Purple Skin” follows the same pattern of furious playing. Listening to the guitar riffs,I cannot avoid a certain feeling of the early works of Six Feet Under that is now present in the Centinex music. Maybe it is because every track has a chorus where the title is being repeated several times which isn’t a bad thing since this approach make “Redeeming Filth” groovier album. “Death Glance” offers a headbanging mid-tempo stomp after which comes “Stone of Choice” with its marching rhythm. “Unrestrained” is the slowest song of the album and it is composed in an Autopsy style. All other tracks are solid slabs of Swedish death metal and the closing one “Eye Sockets Empty” reminds again pretty much of Six Feet Under and in particular the track “Suffering in Ecstasy” from their debut album. “Redeeming Filth” is an awesome death metal album and since I like Centinex and their previous releases,this one was a pleasure reviewing. If you are into good old Swedish death metal with a groovy twist to it then you definitely must check this out! (Zvetan)