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Centinex – Death in Pieces

centinex – death in pieces

It’s been a while since I listened to the debut album (‘Subconscious Lobotomy’) from this Swedish Death Metal band which was a killer record, and since that splendid effort they already released 10 other studio albums. Since their last release the complete line-up almost has changed, with exception from bass-player Martin Schulman. This release has a very sharp production and the instruments and vocals sound very clear and have the needed power to make this a more then decent album. The recipe is kinda similar when comparing their former releases since their reunion in 2014 (they split up in 2006 fyi).. Great mid-tempo Death Metal is audible – nope Centinex doesn’t swing the axe with speed that much (track “Human Torch” proves me wrong admittedly), but with hard and stomping assaults and new vocalist Hendrik Andersson sets the damage of the musical smash you have to endure.

The heavy riffs have balls and stand out tracks from me are the instrumental “Piece’s” that paves the way brilliantly for “Cauterized” that breaths old school and will bring war into the moshpits. Another great track is “God Ends Here” which is a true neck breaker with riffs that are made for thrashing the place up! Nothing beats old school Death Metal that’s sounds simple yet effective, without unnecessary forays. Great, thx! (Fredde)