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Cenotafio – El Encierro De Las Grandes Revelaciones [Demo]

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I came across through Cenotafio thanks to the great artist Nox Fragor(Nox Fragor Art), which is not only responsible for some great paintings, he also did the logo and artwork for the now discussed demo from 2015“El Encierro De Las Grandes Revelaciones“ and is one of the two band members too, playing guitars, bass and sharing the vocal duties with bandmate Patricio Kusnir which is also responsible for the drum-departement. The band was found in 2015 and released a single and a demo. What we hear now is a cavernous maelstrom of black/death, raw and ugly and with over 50 minutes a long trip into the deepest of your nightmares. Fans of Grave Miasma will love the atmosphere these duo is creating. The speed aficionados who love Incantation/Disma, faster Irkallian Oracle and all the bestial black bands hat conquered the earth the last two decades will find their pleasure with Cenotafio as well. A great demo, let`s hope for more. (DPF)