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Cemetarian – Tomb of Morbid Stench [Demo]

cemetarian – tomb of morbid stench [demo]


Picture this, if you will. A graveyard, or cemetary if you prefer. Silence, the dead do not speak of much, some rain, some thunder. A river nearby rises, as it often does, and the recently interred rise to the surface as the ground heaves before this immense force, it’s sheer will is apparent to do what nature does best, to fuck with the best laid plans of mice and or men, and the corpses rise, and lay in the stinking heat for days.The insect population then takes over, the ants crawl, the flies lay their eggs, maggots wriggle and squirm. The cycle of life continues unabated all is still relatively silent as they do their jobs, and then, almost as if “Expulsed from the Netherworld”, a monstrosity arises.

It comes to feed, and it’s first gurgle is the most horrific sound this stinking tomb has heard in an eternity. Slowly it drags its immense weight to the highest ground and surveys all around it, and belches insanity and anger, madness mixed with hate, bitter thoughts entwined with an eternity of waiting for the day when it is no longer a “Malformed Deity”, but a thing to be held in the utmost of respect, for a new god has risen, and we should pay heed to it as it’s tongue flicks over the bloated refuse of humanity and savours every moment of it’s joy, it’s realisation that indeed atop this crest,it is the ruler of all.

This graveyard, this “Tomb of Morbid Stench”, filthy, horrible, hot. The flies buzz around the monstrosity, it cares not. It is not the first of its kind, although many have come before to this despicable place at different times, it holds its head high and roars in defiance. I am. I will be. You will hear me.

I have heard it’s call. I am a believer.. (The Great Mackintosh)

Visions of a Crippled Mind Records

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