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Casket / Sewercide – Casket / Sewercide split [EP]

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Nice to see the tapes, splits or 7” in general are still hot as hell! This time I’m dealing with Casket from the US (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania…as there are already so many Casket’s around the globe…) and Sewercide from Australia. Casket’s contribution on this split, “Armed to the Teeth”, is thrashy Old School Death Metal. The thrashy part is enhanced especially by the vocals, which could be compared with some of old Razorback bands who combined Death and Thrash Metal as well as Grindcore. A band like Ghoul, Frightmare or Impaled to name a couple of examples, although Sean McGrath is singing in both Ghoul and Impaled. Sewercide doesn’t really have any Death Metal influences and plays straight 100% Thrash Metal on this track called “Vector of Disease”. It all starts very Slayer-esque accompanied with more hoarse vocals which you could expect from an old crossover band (which would be more hardcore than thrash). At the end Sewercide transforms the fast riffs towards a typical Suicidal Tendencies rhythm, to continue the crossover influence in this song. Not a bad split, this one. (Ricardo)