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Carnal Tomb – Rotten Remains

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When you see the artwork you will notice exactly what the band has produced on their debut full length. Its vile , its heavy and it has the credibility to make you bang your heads as if there is no tomorrow. Yes, I am writing about the German death metal band Carnal Tomb “ and their fresh debut release Rotten Remains. Being honest , I finished the whole album while driving and didn’t get bored for one single second. The album starts with a grim intro taken from “The night of the living dead “, which totally captures you in an ominous web of darkness. And “Undead Dread” is just the perfect opening for a journey of nightmare. The vocals hav an evil tone, like a commanding voice as a symbol of pure domination. The axe-man has his signature chops and the guitar has a significant blend of heavy and crunch tones. The riffs are so nicely written as it creates another hollow dimension of death .For example ,the ending of “Beneath the Coffins” has some vicious melody lines, immaculately blended with the abyssal vocal line which creates a topnotch outro. I loved every bass line but I would like to mention “ Cycles of horror“, as it has great bass work throughout the song. The entire album is a perfect “Sunday morning album” for the death metal lovers. One thing that’s crystal clear, while being a German band , it has 100% influences of Swedish death metal. For example the riff lines has the same crunch and heavy ness of Entombed (“Wolverine blues”) and Dismember while the melody lines have a common grimness like Grave. Lastly , if someone wants to kill and enjoy the heaviness of death, go to the store, grab these CD as it is all what you need. Definitely a band which is worth to watch live. (Showmik)