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Carnal Forge – Gun to Mouth Salvation

carnal forge – gun to mouth salvation

After 12 Years Swedish Thrash/Death inferno Carnal Forge are back with a new album and still everything that you expect is here. Fast riffing with melodies, mid-tempo and fast drumming with a Slayer vibe as always and I have to say in this kind of style Death Metal screams through a huge production. The band plays in a huge level and gives you a punch in your face. Listen to songs such as “Bound in Flames” and “Aftermath” and feel the violence in your veins.

I have to say that you are not listening to something new because everything in this kind of style are already played but the album is strong, loyal and solid. If you enjoy acts like Hatesphere,The Haunted and Darkane, this is for you… (John Giakoumakis)