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Cardiac Arrest – The Day That Death Prevailed

cardiac arrest – the day that death prevailed

Necro Death Metal, out of the grave, rotten to the core, straight from Chicago, since more than 2 decades, these are Cardiac Arrest. After their excellent headbanger called “A Parallel Dimension of Despair” they’re back with their 7th full called “The Day That Death Prevailed” which starts where the predecessor left of.

It’s rancid, slime, putrid, bone sawing, flesh eating and neck breaking. The right dose of speed variation, twin vocals and riff orchestration. The headbanging factor was set high once again, delivering neckbreaking grooves (“Plague Ridden Destiny” / ”Endless Dread”) or tasty up tempo moshes (“A Call for Violence” / “Eradicate the Masses”) to name some. They also like to throw in some samples from movies and some Exhumed like solos to give some extra topping on the cake.

Crust, Death Metal, those are the 2 main ingredients and are well mixed, and shaped. If you are a fan of bands like Cianide, Funebrarum, or some Repulsion and the likes, grab this one! (DPF)