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Carach Angren – This is no Fairytale

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Symphonic black metal worshippers Carach Angren from the Netherlands are going to release their fourth album titled ‘This is No Fairytale’. In their short band history they’ve created excellent albums that made them instantly popular by the fans of this genre. Where previous albums handled more ghost stories, I’ve somewhat have the feeling that this last release handles more about things that come by in real live, especially track ‘There’s no place like home’ where child abuse is the main theme. The album starts with violins that create the sphere to go over in previous mentioned track. The vocals from Seregor sound aggressive and intense, but sometimes he also uses some kind of whispering, threatening style that I like to compare with some kind of dark story teller (listen to ‘Dreaming of a Nightmare in Eden and you’ll hear my point). Lots of keyboards are inserted and member Ardek again must had lot’s of work to create this buzz, along with the orchestral parts that come by along this album. Overall seen this album again doesn’t differ from the previous albums, because the level and quality this band reaches, again is found in the excellent standards. So yes, Carach Angren each time continues to reach perfection and I’m curious who can stop them to become on of the greatest symphonic black metal bands in history! Fans of these Dutch people can buy this album with closed eyes! Others definitely have to listen this one out and get stunned! (Fredde)