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Calligram – Demimonde [EP]

calligram – demimonde [ep]

What do you get when you put some Crusty Punkers and Hardcore enthusiasts in the basement of Bruno? No, it has to be the basement of Bruno otherwise this whole review doesn’t make any sense. An international bunch of fellas with a sloppy mohawk who are playing Blackened Crusty Punky Metal…ish. Yes, we already have one Impaled Nazarene, but these guys are playing it a bit differently. They are mixing their Punk/Hardcore roots (which are clearly present in their music) with fast atmospheric Black Metal riffing. Can’t say I’m totally convinced as I’m not a fan of the noisy vocals and the breakdowns, but I have to say the basement of Bruno does bring forth some good ideas now and then when it comes to the fast riffs. (Ricardo)