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Call from Subconscious – Sorrow and Avidity

call from subconscious – sorrow and avidity

“It was a nightmare…but a good one”. That is one way to describe the process to release a compilation of old material.

Call from Subconscious was a Death Metal band from Germany which was founded in 1989 but only was musically active for a couple of years, from 1993 till 1997 to be precise. Although a couple of the members did a first effort in 1989, but it seems the effort died in beauty after building and demolishing their own rehearsal room. In those years they released 2 demos, “Fading Flowers” in 1995 and “Inner Dimensions” in 1996 which are both present on this compilation.

Was it pure Death Metal Call from Subconscious was spreading in those days? No, therefore it clings to much to Doom Metal to create a common hybrid of Death / Doom, for those days that is. A melancholic extra was provided with the use of a flute from time to time. It also gives a more folkish approach like on the track “Floris Mare in Nocte Finis”.

The second part of the compilation, the “Inner Dimensions” demo, is even a bit more melancholic but also uncanny for the listener, with more unconventional twists but it shows the musical path Call from Subconscious is walking on during those days. Not long after the second demo the band fell apart and most of the members haven’t been part of a (extreme) metal band ever since. It is fair to say they got influenced by the early UK Doom/Death, but have given their own spin to it.

If listening to demos from the early-mid 90s brings you back to those days and can provide a smile on your face, this is another one for you. (Ricardo)