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Burial [ITA] – The Forgotten [EP]

burial [ita] – the forgotten [ep]

I gave this demo a first listen on my headphones walking through the bleak and grey streets of my hometown. Immediately I wandered of into desolate landscapes, mesmerized by Enrico’s deep, moist growls and the compelling riffs composed by Leonardo. These three songs don’t need a lot of time to sink in, it’s the kind of metal that sounds familiar, organic, kind of warm with that unsettling feel to it without being simplistic.

“The Sleeper of Ravermors” splits open slowly, hypnotic, halfway the song I nearly stumble off the sidewalk by an unexpected blastbeat. Nice. “Cancer God” is composed in the same way, but here the emphasis is more on feeling and melancholy. The song slowly fades out with a repetitive, howling riff that sticks to your bones. Let’s put this on repeat and walk a little further.

This Italian duo produces on their 3-track demo, released by Dismal Fate Records a massive gritty wall of sound. This granite doomy Death Metal is extremely well produced, the sound is well balanced, clear but ultra heavy. I’ll certainly continue to follow up this great band, curious about how a full album will sound like. Nice work lads. (Franki_boj)