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Brutius – Ender

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No info whatsoever on Brutius. Never really understand why bands or individuals choose to take that anonymous path, probably most of them would like to have the music or art do the talkin’. Either way, I can’t give you any background information regarding the phenomenon called Brutius, so let’s get straight to business. “Ender” is a 2-track EP by the American band (or individual) Brutius and playing instrumental Atmospheric Black Metal. Not sure if the instrumental part is intentional and will be the style of Brutius, or if a vocalist is still wanted. Most of the time the riffs are high paced and when the pace drops, there is still a high pitched lead guitar present, which gives the tracks “Ender” and “Procession” a huge Eldrig touch. Within “Procession”, there is also a mellow part which stretches the song towards 10 minutes. The sound isn’t clear and a bit icy, which fits the music well. Definitely a kind of “frosty landscape with the sun shining”-music. If you are into Atmospheric Black Metal, you probably know what I’m talking about. “Ender” is a nice listen, but after a couple of spins, I’m missing a vocalist. (Ricardo)