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Briargh – Eboros

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The owner of Morbid Shrine Productions and the Khazad-Dûm Studios has quite some time left to be the main participant in quite some bands. He is not always a fan of the human kind, as some are one-man bands. Same goes for Briargh where he operates with the pseudonym Dux Briargh. After 2 full lengths and a couple of splits, this is the 3rd album of the Spanish Celtic / Pagan Black Metal one-man band. You won’t find the Celtic part in the music itself, so don’t expect an Iberian version of Cruachan. It has more to do with the lyrical part of Briargh. The music itself is indeed Pagan Black Metal. The music is epic and has similarities with the midtempo parts of Sear Bliss’” Glory and Perdition” and “Forsaken Symphony”. Sometimes the vocals are heroic, besides the raspy Black Metal vocals, a bit like Primordial sort of speak. A fun listen and not badly played at all, but it has to be a tad better to be a recommendable album. (Ricardo)