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Bombs of Hades – Through The Dark Past

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And here we go…Swedish crusty Old School Death Metal with ‘n roll attitude-compilation of Bombs of Hades! I mentioned in our first issue, that Bombs of Hades as a bit of a “love-or-hate” kinda enterprise for me personally. Of which “hate” is highly exaggerated of course. It’s more like some releases grab me, some don’t. As said, “Through the Dark Past” is a compilation of EPs (“Carnivores” and “Into the Eternal Pit of Fire”), splits (with Tormented, Usurpress and Mordbrand. The one with Suffer the Pain isn’t on this compilation) cover tracks (Carnage’s “The Day Man Lost” and Motörhead’s “I’ll be your sister”) and also contains 4 new and exclusive songs. The 3 new songs are just typical Bombs of Hades, with “Crossturner” as a 100% Old School Swedish Death Metal in the early Nihilist vein. While “Evil Dead” (a cover of Zeke) is like a slightly slower Impaled Nazarene punkish crust track with a buzz saw sound. This compilation is distinctive Bombs of Hades. (Ricardo)