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Bölzer – Lese Majesty [EP]

bölzer – lese majesty [ep]

One of extreme metal`s biggest phenomenon is striking back. Bölzer need no introduction anymore, being one of the most interesting discoveries during the last decade started with the demo “Roman Acupuncture“, went further on with the triumphal EPs “Aura“ and “Soma“ and ended up with the critically acclaimed and controversial full length “Hero“. 1 year later the band released an excellent split entitled „C.H.A.O.S.“ with Asag / Goatfukk / Deathcult / Blakk Old Blood / Antiversum dedicated to their friend and musician Domi “Virgin Killer” Keller, R.I.P..

After many successful shows the duo has got a new EP “Lese Majesty“ around the corner, released by their own label Lightning & Sons. 4 tracks with a length of nearly 30 minutes is quite enough material. Fortunately the quality too, and should increment the bands status once more.

The production is similar to the one on “Hero“, with the drums put more to the front together with the vocals. The songs could have been on “Hero“ as well, means some ideas continue to flow from that period, be it riff-or musicwise. To me it feels like they refined the sound of their first album and put some “Aura” / “Soma“ moments in it, as well as some new ideas that makes the songs more varied than ever. The percussive drumming of Fabian is astonishing and never cease to amaze me. The last part on “Into the Temple of Spears” with those blast beats thrown in just want me to smash things around and bang my head violently. Okoi`s guitarwork brings fresh ideas (those weird scales) on the map, creating a reverberating atmosphere of beauty and darkness at the same time (damn, did I hear YOB here and there?).

One of the biggest points on this release and to me probably the greatest development is the control and utilisation of Okoi`s voice spectrum, which in my opinion has improved compared to “Hero“. Just hear the last track and you know what I mean. He feels more comfortable in all directions and is a master of where to place them.

The two men know how make a song breath. A worth successor of “Hero“ and absolutely a highlight in this really incredible 2019. According to the band, this release opens a new chapter, If so, open the gates wide. (DPF)