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Blosse – Nocturne

blosse – nocturne

Some people just don’t like to work with other people for many reasons and  Noctis of Blosse is probably one of them as most of his projects are solo-projects.

With Blosse he wanders on the dark, misty and bleak path of the Black art which is both raw, atmospheric and a bit noisy/ambient. The drum computer is running wild at some parts which can throw off a couple of listeners as it sounds to clinical and non-genuine, yet there is enough variation in pace of the drums so don’t be afraid that you will hear 1 hour and 10 minutes of ultra-full speed rattle fire. Repeating riffs are common as expected, accompanied with distorted vocals, synth driven atmosphere and dark ambient noise which results in a hazy sound in general.

Once again a release which will not please everybody, but if an act like Paysage d’Hiver works for you, mark Blosse’s “Nocturne” as “give it a listen”. (Ricardo)