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Bloody Invasion – Zombie Society

bloody invasion – zombie society

German Death Metallers Bloody Invasion put the T virus into humanity. Their latest album called “Zombie Society” is another killer album. Not even the Umbrella Corporation could  hold them back from quarantine or from keeping the walking dead moving even in broad daylight. This is pure zombified Death Metal as expected. This will fill your ghoulish desires of being chased and eaten alive with tracks such as “Zombie Society,” “Normal Course of Life,” “Sickness,” “In Chains” and “Metropolis.”

This is enough brutality to keep you on the run. I compare them to bands like Necrony, Goreaphobia, Mortician,  Lividity and Embalming Theatre. This is the ultimate soundtrack for the dead. Check them out! (Kenneth Necroholocausto Asker)