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Bloodspawn – Bloodspawn [EP]

bloodspawn – bloodspawn [ep]

My ever handsome editor-in-chief, mister Ricardo. Keeps throwing these fine 3-track eps at me. This is the second fling by Dismal Fate Records I get to review in short notice, and I have to say. Keep those short fuckers coming.

Bloodspawn from St-Louis Missouri, gets the chance to entertain my family and I for a while. Three fragmentation bombs are fired merciless into my livingroom, “Flesh”,”Bone” and “Blood” are causing quite a stir at the franki_boj mansion.

The “Bloodspawn” EP sounds like a long jam session, divided into three separate tracks in which the band experiments with rythms, grooves, wild alienating guitar solos and a lot of peeps and squeeks . The production is hard and clean, without feeling over-engineered, like a true underground release should sound, grainy. With an honourable mention for that dry snare drum sound.

Bluntly, Bloodspawn sounds like Sanguisugabogg’s older and meaner brother. You know, the older brother hanging out on the corner of the street, cigarette butt in his mouth, beer jug in hand, whispering lewd things in the ears of old ladies who are then disgusted for two days but also getting aroused and a little bit wet in the knickers. (franki_boj)