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Bloodrocuted – Disaster Strikes Back

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Thrash metal from Belgium, something I’ve got to check out…and Bloodrocuted is the name of the band I’m going to review, with their second full-length titled ‘Disaster Strikes Back’. Uptempo thrash metal is what they provide with sporadic mid tempo moments like for example in track ‘The Sickened Mind’, but immediately followed with their foot on the gear. The opening part of ‘Mors Indecepta’ is very great in my opinion, and the guitar riff tears everything apart. The vocals from Bob Briessinck are in the line of what people can expect from a thrash singer, so they got that covered. There’s plenty of melody to discover and the solo’s and riffs sound sharp and good. Not bad from these youngsters, so they got time enough to climb the ladder and aim for success, cause they’ve got the potential! For fans of thrash metal from the modern times, cause I think for old school thrash fanatics this one sounds too clean I guess. Nevertheless, good job! Oh yeah, nice album cover by the way. And for fans of Pulp Fiction, check out ’71:52 Leikeze’ that opens this album. (Fredde)