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Blood Mortized – The Demon, The Angel, The Disease

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If we would give away $10 or €10 for every Old School Swedish Death Metal review in our issues, I think personal bankruptcy would be an option. I’ve heard a lot of critical comments about the overkill of The Buzzsaw Sound. Some of the bands are shifting their musical boundaries by adding other styles or playing the dark Incantation like Death Metal style, but fortunately for me bands like Blood Mortized doesn’t change the recipe. Nothing wrong with a good regular Pizza, eh? When “Bastard” kicks in, you already hear everything Blood Mortized stands for. Riff driven Old School Swedish Death Metal with a devilish growl. The riffs are catchy, groovy and also have variation, as there are some pace changes within a song like “In The Black Flames of Desolation”. Also the leads are a nice asset to this album. Besides the fine guitar work I also would like to add the effective pounding drums and the production, which is a bit darker than the usual Swedish Death Metal releases lately. “The Demon, The Angel, The Disease” is a plain good Swedish Death Metal album, indeed…the Pizza joint between two high class restaurants who serves oysters and caviar. You just had a beer or 4, which one will you pleasure with your appetite? The Pizza joint or the restaurants? My thoughts exactly! We were expecting you, I recommend the regular Pizza Margherita …maybe not that special but oh so tasty! (Ricardo)