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Blasphemathory – Sadistic Blood Ceremony [EP]

blasphemathory – sadistic blood ceremony [ep]

The Mexican Band Blasphemathory plays brutal Death Metal full of blasphemy. The three musicians are well seasoned and played in other bands like Cenotaph, Hacavitz, Putrescence, and Grotesque Deity. The intensity of the four track EP reflects the experience of the trio. The deep growls, the razor sharp guitars, the hammering bass, and the really well performed drums as well as a tight production make the listening an absolute pleasure.

What I really like about the drumming is that the drummer favours the silence instead of playing one fill after another. Sometimes the sound has something of the 90´s charm which Mexican bands had back in the day. I definitely enjoyed listening to the EP and I hope we will hear more from Blasphemathory in the future. (HaCeBo)