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Black Ejaculation – Upheaval of Desecration [Demo]

black ejaculation – upheaval of desecration [demo]


“Upheaval of Desecration” is the perfect way to describe how bestial Black Metal has to be executed in every way. This is the debut demo of a band that features an experienced bassist, M. Desecrator, that has worked with other underground bands in Italy, Von Pest in the drums and vocals and Zanatos in the guitars.

It is a brutal discharge of unholy satanic Black Metal from the beginning to the end and I hear influences such as Archgoat, Black Witchery, Profanatica and Impiety at some moments. A raw and unholy sound, fast guitar riffs, a pounding bass and fast brutal drumming, accompanied by unholy screams.

Three tracks of pure evil, desecrating raw Metal, definitely a band that must be taken into account in the Italian and European underground scene for sure. All songs include the perfect dose of bestiality, violent riffs and killer drumming that makes this band a true revelation for my ears. The last song, that gives the title to the demo, has interesting Death Metal elements which results in a more Black/Death oriented approach but keeping this “convent raider” sound.

Regarding the artwork I can appreciate the blasphemy and evil that this first release delivers. The demo was released via Unholy Domain Records limited to 100 copies in tape format, so for all fans of War Black Metal and the Black/Death Metal scene, go get your copy!  (Manuel Sanchez)

Black Ejaculation

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