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Black Blood Invocation – Black Blood Invocation [Demo]

black blood invocation – black blood invocation [demo]

Black Blood Invocation are a duo from Greece, worshipping Black Witchery and the likes. I think VON and Black Witchery are the closest bands to compare them with (maybe including some Archgoat here and there too). So Black/Death the bestial way! They are offering nothing new, but it is good executed with an amount of groove which Archgoat are known for. And I think this is perhaps the best side of Black Blood Invocation. Not constant blasting but also creating a dark atmosphere for the headbanger. As it is almost 19 minutes long, it is a good demo to start their path and as far as I know, they already released a new EP. Curious to see If they manage to hold or even improve the quality to being able to remain import to the scene. Bestial/War metal fans should give it a listen. (DPF)