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Beyond Deth – The Age of Darkness

beyond deth – the age of darkness

Hailing from the mean streets of Chicago, Illinois this Blackened Thrash out fit Beyond Deth return after 4 long years from their demo release, “Beyond De-th” and that’s what the band used to call themselves. Rooted in Thrash with droning interludes to give it the blackened effect they give us a solid outing from a relatively young band and also a band that’s a little more straight forward than their label mates over at Vargheist Records who specializes in Grind/avant garde stuff.

Out of the gate you, “Enter the End” a void shaping intro that builds for a minute and then you are thrusted into dizzy guitar solo. After that, “The Cold”  hits you with an almost Emperor like riff to start into pummeling thrash that these guys really get. Another thing that surprised me about the album is the acoustic guitars. Clean sounding and crisp on the first track and the opening to, “Beyond Deth” and it really works.

“Rip Out Your Soul” one of the harder hitting riffs on the album is a stampede of galloping guitar riffs and aggressive vocal patterns make this one of the strongest songs and a personal favorite of mine along with, “Search the Stars” the closer on the album. I think both of those really set themselves apart from the rest. Overall the future of the band is ultimately up to them, but if they keep it up I actually think these guys could go on to have MASSIVE success. Good song writing and good production they are definitely on the right track. (ThatAustronautGuy)