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Bewitchment – Oblivion Shall Reign

bewitchment – oblivion shall reign

Sure, why wouldn’t you co-release an album with 5 labels. Not sure if this is my record, 5 labels, but it should reach the top-5 easily if I remember my zine-history well.

Bewitchment from Brazil is an one-man endeavour by Rodrigo “Infectz” Costa who has mostly played (or still playing) Thrash Metal. But with Bewitchment he took a step towards Old School Death Metal, with a dash of Thrash that is. You will hear riffs and song structures that brings you back to the days of early Death (“Leprosy” – era) and Pestilence’s “Malleus Maleficarum” but Mr. Infectz isn’t afraid to give it a twist here and there and throw in some fitting solos.

The make or break part for most of you will be the vocals, which is a grunt but with a cold, or an astma attack…or something like that. Well, it is like he takes all his effort to keep his bowels in…it sounds sick, no pun intended, but it is not your everyday growl or grunt. It reminds me so much of a vocalist I have in my collection (no, I don’t collect vocalists…you know what I mean) but after checkin’out 35 potential bands without the “oh yeah! That’s the one!”-reaction, I give up but I just know it will pop up not long after I’m publishing this review. It always does…

If you give this one a try and you enjoy the vocals, you will enjoy “Oblivion Shall Reign”  as a whole as it is one decent Old School Death Metal album. (Ricardo)