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Bereft of Light – Hoinar

bereft of light – hoinar

Bereft of Light from Romania, is an Atmospheric Black Metal project of Daniel Neagoe, who is known for his musical attendance in bands like Eye of Solitude, Shape of Despair, Clouds and Pantheist (and many more…). For those who are familiar with the aforementioned bands, it will not seem strange that the Atmospheric Black Metal is imbued with melancholy. The use of slow acoustic passages as well as clean epic vocals (take a listen to “Freamăt”, which has given me an Arcane Sun’s “Longing For Edens Rain (And Winters End)” vibe considering the clean vocals) enhance the melancholic part. Although it is a decent album, it won’t attack the status of the top of the league when it comes to Atmospheric Black Metal. But still, if you have enjoyed the Cascadian style before, you can definitely give “Hoinar” a try. (Ricardo)