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Beast Conjurator – Shores of Misery [Single]

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Although Beast Conjurator decided to call it a day recently, they still have some material on the shelves to unleash on depraved humanity. These 2 tracks will on the posthumous album called “Summoned to the Abyss” which will be released at the end of 2016. It’s too bad they broken up, cause the Ancient Death Metal by these Brazilians is of decent quality. It’s clear the influences stopped in 1990, as the Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Massacre and old Death vibes are all over the place. And if you are a H.P. Lovecraft fanatic, the lyrics will appeal to you. Hope that The Dunwich Horror aka Summoner of the Fourth Tentacle and Whisperer in Darkness, C. Le Sorcier who is responsible for the Bestial Drums of Cthulhu Rites, and the others will have a beer or 2, and continue Beast Conjurator. Good stuff! (Ricardo)