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Bear Mace – Charred Field of Slaughter

bear mace – charred field of slaughter

Bear Mace is a 5-piece combo from Chicago, USA, and go to war with aliases as Fucking Hate, Infidel Castro, The Lord Devourer, Crossbow Death and Mike Cirrhosis. Well, that was on their previous album “Butchering The Colossus”, as they have now used their own names on “Charred Field of Slaughter”, the 2nd effort in the discography.

What you will hear is Death Metal. Pure Death Metal and it will all sounds familiar to you. You will hear Bolt Thrower on “Rogue Weapon”, you will hear Death’s “Spiritual Healing” on “Xenomorphic Conquest”…you will almost scream along “Practice what you preach…”, so close it is getting at during this song. Obituary, Massacre, Death’s “Leprosy” as well…all is present on this album, but in a good way. Not presented as a cheap knock off, but very well played and composed with great fitting leads and a sepulchral growl on top of it.

What a pleasant surprise…Old School Death Metal all the way! (Ricardo)