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Avulsed – Altar of Disembowelment [EP]

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Since their last effort titled ‘Ritual Zombi’ from 2013, no news about another studio full-length album has come to my ears…but hey, don’t panic, cause they satiate the expectations from their fans with their second EP since that last album…this time it’s called ‘Altar of Disembowelment’. The Spanish old school death metallers fulfill their job as they’re supposed to and again they’re able to offer and EP that’s full of old school death metal with a brutal and slothful edge! The aggressive and low growls by frontman Dave Rotten are in a sublime death metal style and the firm rhythmsection is accompanied by catchy song structures and ditto melodies. If I should compare this EP with their latest work I would dare to say that this one sounds even more in the old school Swedish vein, so that’s fine by me. A cover from Black Sabbath titled ‘Neon Knights’ is also on the track list and the result is a more faster version in the Avulsed-style…worth checking out. And before I forget: huge points for the album-illustration and newbie Erik Roya who has replaced Oscar Bravo on drums has scored points on this one! Well Spanish brothers…give the audience what they’re waiting for…another taste in the shape of a brand new album, cause this EP begs for more. (Fredde)