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Atomwinter – Catacombs

atomwinter – catacombs

Since Bolt Thrower’s “Those Once Loyal”…and do not be shocked by the result when I say the year and you start counting the years in between…in 2005 (time flies doesn’t it?), lots of new bands tried to capture the groove and master the art of repeating effective riffs. Be it the more known Hail of Bullets or nowadays brilliant newcomers Just Before Dawn, they all went for the search of the unholy grail…the Centurion’s caterpillar. Atomwinter have added their selves in the search as well. Before you think you have the next “…For Victory” in your hands, these guys try to mix the groove of Bolt Thrower with nowadays Asphyx. This comes clearly forward during the faster parts as well as the doomy passages. And adding up the numbers you will have the unavoidable resemblance with Hail of Bullets as well. But these cheeky Germans with their love for Nuclear Winter, also took a dash of the Swedish Death Metal scene. And not the common Dismember and Entombed influences, but they have taken the groove and heaviness of Grave and Unleashed in their straightforward and pounding Old School Death Metal. “Catacombs” isn’t a special album nor an album that will be the new personal favourite of someone, but without doubt it is a fine listen for everyone who likes their Old School Death Metal the way the aforementioned bands are playing it. (Ricardo)